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Welcome to the Rejah City Collaboration WikiaEdit

This is the wiki for the life-describing series, Rejah City Collaboration!

What is Rejah City Collaboration??Edit

Rejah City Collaboration is an illustrated story series, in which each chapter (or episode) gets its own character. However, the chapters will reference incidents in each other. The characters show you into their lives - happy or sad, good or bad, it all depends.

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Character Bodies
    edited by Nmcconnell diff
    Summary: Forgot I already made the date official
  • new page Character Bodies
    created by Nmcconnell
    New page: Someone requested the character bodies of the entire cast. Minor characters are omitted. Alarm Clock (front 1) Alarm Clock (front 2) Alarm Clock...
    Summary: Rejah City + Skinnaco bodies!
    Added photos:

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